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KAA Gent vs. Standard de Liege 1:5
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Standard Lüttich

22. Januar 2000, Ottenstadium, Jupiler League

Buffalo Grrrls


Attendance: 10000

The Buffaloes, which is a nick name of the team with the interesting sign of an Red Indian, enter with great hopes a game that they think is a must-win to keep their hopes to get through to European football next year. But this concept was made without the Wallones who are fast on their way to a convincing win by a score of 5:1. So only the Standard-supporters filling their stand very well have something to celebrate.

A pluspoint is given to the ladies of the Buffaloe's fanshop who get not available items until the half time break. A yellow card to the stewart who prevents us from going to the hardly filled stand we want to enter at halftime because our tickets are for the opposing side. So we have to get back there where it's windy and cold, the other stand has a wind shelter at its side. Fucking bureaucrat!

Ottenstadium (Outside view)

The Ottenstadium has a new tribune (at the bottom) - as mentioned quite windy because of the missing side shelter - from which the picture of the fan groups wherer taken (at the right)

Ottenstadion, neue Tribüne

The indicator panel shows in bright digits to the Standard-fans that they are not dreaming, the buffalo supporters might rather think it's a nightmare coming to an end.

Outside the stadium one is welcomed by a painting which proudly presents the team's nick name.

Fangruppen im Ottenstadion

The fan groups are standing beside each other in Ottenstadium, the free space beetween them is obviously ready for security forces if violence is coming up. Today it is very peaceful but the better atmosphere is (of course) generated by the guest supporters.

Fangruppen im Ottenstadion

Remark: after the season is finished it turns out that today's poor performance did not prevent Gent from qualifying for UEFA-cup as the league's third. Standard at the other hand has a very week period in the season's second half and looses the cup-final against KRC Genk so they have to try to qualify theirselves by playing in the UEFA-Intertoto cup. What a turnaround!