Bohemians Dublin vs. Shelbourne FC 4:0
Bohemians Dublin

Bohemians Dublin
Shelbourne FC 4:0

Shelbourne FC

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Letztes Spiel: Cliftonville FC vs. Linfield FC 31.03.2002, Dalymount Park, Eircom Premier League
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Attendance: about 3000

Today Bohemians FC entertains the new Champion of the Republic of Ireland - maybe. Dalymount Park - Außenansicht At the moment Shelbournce FC - who is seen as one of their top rivals by the fans of the hosts of today - are leading the tabular, but they are taking advantage of a 15 point penalty against St. Patrick because of fielding a not available player. This means that St. Patrick is trailing by 10 points to Shelbourne and four against Shamrock Rovers so that they are third right now. If this will stand is unsure at the moment because St. Patricks' objection against this decision has to be negotiated yet. One more point behind the Bohs are fourth focussing their hopes to the cup in which they are going to play relegation-zone team Dundalk FC next week.

Because of an encouraged play Bohemians get a deserved 4:0-win against a lethargic opponent who is no Dalymount Park - Tribüne real opposition for nearly all time of the game. In the first half the hosts should bring the ball home more than the one time they do. So they have only a one goal lead when the first half is called off but after the break Shelbourne gives up the last glimpse of resistance, but the Bohs reduce the intensity of their game, too.

In the beginning the supporters of Bohemions support their team nearly uninterrupted with chants and abuse the Shelbourne fans from time to time as “dirty orange basterds”. The maybe 50 supporters of the guests can be heard every now and then, too, but with passing game time both groups get more silent and at the end there's only some noise after the goals. There are no tickets at games of the Bohemians, too, but after requesting some substitute one is helped; this time it seems to be a kind of access authorisation for players who are given as a reminder.

The most eye-catching part of Dalymount Park is a huge main stand with a gabled roof which has red and Dalymount Park - Hintertorbereich silver plastique seats. Across from that there are red uncovered seats who seem to be installed right on the former terraces. Beneath a small platform for tv-cameras there's a small part without any seats used by Shelbourne fans as covered terrace during the first half. On stand behind the goal has seats, too, with about half of theme covered by a non symmetric roof - on the other side there is a non covered terrace with steps of concrete. Besides of that Dalymount Park has four floodlight pylons directly installed into the stands. The ground is reminding of English stadiums of former decades - partly especially because of these floodlight pylons.

Dallymount Park - Hintetorbereich

Dallymount Park - Gegenseite

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