Cambuur Leeuwarden vs. Excelsior Rotterdam 1:4
Cambuur Leeuwarden

Cambuur Leeuwarden
Excelsior Rotterdam 1:4
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Excelsior Rotterdam

17.06.2001, Cambuurstadion, Nacompetitie

Attendence: 6000

Excelsior spent quit a good part of the recent season as leader of the Totodivisie (second division of Netherlands overall) but at last it was FC Den Bosch who succeeded in the competition to get direct Cambuurstadion - Außenansicht promotion by ending up at the first place of the league. Who thought that Excelsior should become the hottest rival of Sparta found himself soon to be at the wrong track. It is Excelsiors local rival who is the representant of the elite league in this group of the Nacompetitie (relegation/promotion round) which is Excelsior able to help today after the smaller Rotterdam based team has lost its own chances to go up two match days before. Last year it was Cambuur who went into Nacompetitie as elite league team but they were beaten by NAC Breda which was relegated one year ago and now it's Cambuur who might be able to play the other main part in the same film.

Cambuur shows soon that they believe in their chances and want to do ther own part of the excercise but Cambuurstadion - Haupttribüne the team of Rotterdam Kralingen is not willing to give up so soon. In fact they are turning the match around and go in front by 3:0 by using nearly 100 % of their scoring chances. Being down 0:1 the supporters of Cambuur show that they are still believing in the match to turn round again by cheering when the message of the rivals Sparte being down with 0:1, too, after 30 minutes is announced but slowly there is some disillusionment coming up between the supporters of the western Frisian team. After a goal of Cambuurs gets the score to 1:3 there is a hint of new hope but it's Excelsior who scores the only remaining goal. At last the result is irrelevant because Sparta gets a draw at Go Ahaed Eagles but it should be some calming of Sparta's nerves when hearing the recent scores of the other game so that Sparta should deliver a lorry with some beer to Excelsior's Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen Stadium in Kralingen.

The Cambuurstadium has four different stands and sets a positive accent against the expecially in the Netherlands so often to find stadium standard looking the same wherever you go. Cambuurstadion - Gegentribüne The differences between the stands are mainly between their sizes but the coulours of the seats are different, too, even if most of them are in red and white. The guest supporters get one block at the stand behind a goal. Today there is more than enough room for about 20 fans of Excelsior which is known to be a kind of farm team of Feyenoord. By the way it should be mentioned that the quiet high buildings near the stadium cause that the stadium is in spite of its sight not to be seen from bigger distances which is unusual in the Netherlands who are for sure not known for their mighty mountains. The stand behind one goal shows the name Cambuur by the composition of the seats and there is the teams sign, too, but without the stag. This stag is to be found at the outer wall of the stadium besides of the stadium name so that the outside can be called quiet neat decorated.

Cambuurstadion - Gegentribüne Cambuur was only twice first class - in both occasions for two years. First it was 1992 to 1994 and then 1998 to 2000. It has quite a big football tradition, however, so it is based at VV Leeuwarden which was foundet 1917. 1964 SC Cambuur Leewarden was split out of VV as professional section and since then the name was changed a little bit to Cambuur Leeuwarden BVO. The teams colours have changed during history, too. VV which had a sign with a football and a wooden shoe was playing in the colours black, red and white.